Machine of Death is now a game! And on Kickstarter!

Machine of Death, the science fiction anthology series that incurred the wrath of Glenn Beck back in 2010, will soon be a card game. The premise behind Machine of Death is that there exists a machine that can predict anyone's death with 100% accuracy. In the vein of Dixit, Pick-up Lines, and similar party games, the … » 2/15/13 12:19am 2/15/13 12:19am

Faith Erin Hicks' The Adventures of Superhero Girl is out in print--and in color!

It's been on hiatus for a bit while Hicks works on other projects, but The Adventures of Superhero Girl remains one of my favorite webcomics. It's about a fledgling superhero (with a famous, beloved older brother) trying to find her way in the world, including making rent and remembering to take off her mask when… » 2/14/13 4:09pm 2/14/13 4:09pm